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Stroud and King Edward VI Schools collect donations for refugees

Families at Stroud School and King Edward VI, Southampton answered a local appeal for donations to help refugees from Ukraine. In just three days, 200 crates of donations have been collected.

Stroud and King Edward VI Schools collect donations for refugees
Photo: Stroud and King Edward VI Schools

Stroud School – and senior school, King Edward VI, Southampton – have collected 200 crates of donations for refugees from Ukraine in just three days.

The crates, which are now filled with items such as blankets, towels, warm clothes, medical supplies, food and baby formula, will be shipped across to the Polish/Ukraine border on Sunday.

The Polish Social Club in Southampton had arranged the shipment, and were asking their community for donations.

King Edward’s heard about this initiative through staff, and approached the club to find out how they could help.

That evening (Tuesday 1st March) the school sent an email out to their families, asking for any donations to be brought into the school to be shipped.

Neal Parker, Head at King Edward VI School, said: "The School and our community are feeling so helpless with the events that are unfolding in Ukraine and so we sought a way in which we could contribute and help this humanitarian crisis.

"We have been absolutely amazed with the response from our families and friends, who have donated items over the last few days."

King Edward’s Charity Commission, a group run by Sixth Form students, spent break and lunchtimes sorting through the donations, ready to be packed and shipped.

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