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Ryde Prep Career Day

Ryde Prep explored a range of careers with their Careers Day event recently. From chefs to authors, they were lucky to have talks from Island based businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Ryde Prep Career Day
Students try out creating adverts under the eye of Nosy Marketing (Photo: Ryde School)

Pupils at Ryde Prep were immersed in the world of work during their Careers Day recently.

The day consisted of hands-on workshops and experiences for all pupils to think about key skills and personal attributes needed for the world of employment, rather than specific subjects.

They investigated job families and looked at how various areas of employment can be linked and merged and, in line with the Ryde School Learner Profile, all pupils explored how being self-disciplined, courageous and creative plays a crucial role in career development.

Island based businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs voluntarily supported the day to ensure that pupils covered The Five Spheres of Learning.

Graphic Design explored with MooksGoo graphic Designers (Photo: Ryde School)

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