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Baffling bakes at Hazlegrove

Pupils at Hazlegrove produced an incredible array of cakes under the theme of 'curiosity' which included a cake which looked like a steak dinner, a baked potato cake and football boots. The cakes were all sold to raise money for charity.

One of the amazing bakes at Hazlegrove
Photo: Hazlegrove

Pupils at Hazlegrove fully embraced a Baffling Bakes competition recently, under the theme of 'curiosity', as part of its annual Festival.

An incredible array of all things curious was produced, from a cake which looked exactly like a baked potato through to football boots and sushi.

Director of Studies, David Edwards, who runs the festival each year said: "What a start to festival week! Baffling Bakes have blown our minds! So many people asking 'How did they do that?' Once again, the pupils of Hazlegrove have risen to the challenge with over 70 entries! We were blown away by everyone's baking skills and the creativity demonstrated for the competition."

He continued: "All the entries were impressive and at such a high standard that is was almost impossible to judge all entries and they are all winners. A huge well done to everyone who entered the competition, we have some very talented bakers among us!"

The school holds an annual festival to focus on one particular theme and has in the past celebrated food, STEM, drama, English, history as well as dance to name a few.

Regardless of the theme, the children are challenged to a baking competition, with all monies raised being donated to charity.

Another of the amazing bakes at Hazlegrove
Photo: Hazlegrove

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