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Alleyn's sponsored walk for Ukraine

Alleyn’s organised a whole school sponsored walk – with each pupil walking two miles around Dulwich Village – to raise money for Ukraine. Collectively they walked over 2,656 miles – the distance from Alleyn's to Kyiv and back and raised over £36,000.

Alleyn's sponsored walk for Ukraine
Alleyn's pupils with Head, Jane Lunnon (Photo: Alleyn's School)

As soon as the crisis in Ukraine erupted, the Alleyn’s community mobilised to raise funds and offer support to the people most affected by the situation.

Since its launch in February, the Alleyn’s School Ukraine Appeal in partnership with Save the Children, had raised almost £20,000 – but staff and pupils wanted to keep going.

With this in mind, Alleyn’s organised a whole school sponsored walk around Dulwich Village on the last day of term.

Alleyn’s is 1,328 miles from Kyiv and there are 1,329 pupils combined in Alleyn’s Senior and Junior School.

The idea was that pupils would walk a two-mile route from the School, around Dulwich Park and back, with the aim of achieving over 2,656 miles; the equivalent of walking from Alleyn’s to Kyiv and back (the Infants did a shorter walk around the Townley Road field).

Pupils of all age groups, parents, alumni, governors and friends gathered outside of the Main School dressed in blue and yellow – the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

There were smiles all around as everyone greeted each other and set off for the walk.

Photo: Alleyn's School

Head Mrs Lunnon said: "It was very moving to see everyone participate, from Infants to Year 13, teachers, support staff, parents and some alumni.

"It has been a great community effort."

At the time of writing, the Alleyn's appeal has raised over £36,000.

Mrs Lunnon continued: "We thank everyone for their generosity, creativity and commitment to helping others.

"We are so proud of our amazing community."

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