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Advertising with Attain

Attain enables schools to enhance their Guide profile page with a choice of three advertising options, including the ability to promote Open Days and raise awareness through our highly targeted advertising platform. Adverts are displayed across our news, feature and guide pages.

We offer three options – Enhanced, Premium and Premium+

  Enhanced Premium Premium+
Annual Cost
Attain offers three options for schools.
Photo Gallery
Schools can submit a series of photographs to enhance their profile page.
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School Videos
Schools can provide a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video(s) for inclusion.
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Recent News
Any news stories about the school, published by Attain, are highlighted.
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Open Events
Forthcoming events for prospective parents are promoted from the school's profile page.
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Half-size Advert
Target your school's catchment area with county specific placements.
Full-size Advert
Have even greater impact with a larger advert displayed across our sites.
All pricing is subject to VAT. These advertising rates are only available for schools. Please see commercial rates below.

Option 1: Enhanced (£35 a month)

Our Enhanced option enables schools to enrich their profile page with a series of photographs, plus a school video, to enable parents to discover more about the school. Any recent news stories published by Attain are highlighted and schools are able to include their forthcoming Open Events for prospective parents.

Option 2: Premium (£55 a month)

Our Premium option includes Photo Gallery, School Videos, Recent News and Open Events but enables schools to raise awareness with a half-size advert. The advert measures 700px wide x 550px high.

Option 3: Premium+ (£75 a month)

Our Premium+ option includes Photo Gallery, School Videos, Recent News and Open Events but enables schools to maximise awareness through a full-size advert. The advert is twice the height of our half size and measures 700px wide x 1,100px high.

To book, please email:

Commercial Advertising

Business advertising with Attain is restricted only to those organisations connected with education. If your organisation works with schools or the broader world of education, we might be able to include an online advertisement from you to display across our site. We offer two options for commercial advertisers, on an annual basis:

Half-page Advert 700px wide x 550px high £660 + VAT
Full-page Advert 700px wide x 1,100px high £900 + VAT

Please email us to discuss further.

Finding out more

To keep rates low, we work directly with schools offering clear, transparent pricing. To book advertising with Attain, or if you have any questions, please email: