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About Attain

Attain is different. We offer facts, not opinions. We cut through the marketing and highlight the key things parents need to think about in order to make informed choices.

Finding the right school for your child is not easy and myriad sources claim to help. Attain has an established reputation amongst schools for impartiality, integrity and independence. Attain is different and so is our guide.

The Attain Guide includes over 900 schools and was created with the philosophy of equipping parents with the key facts to be able to find the right school for their child. Our profiles are editorially independent and are not reviews with opinions. But what are the most important things parents should consider?

Inspection Reports

All parents should read the inspection report for any school they are considering for their child. It gives you an accurate, professional and incisive insight into the quality of the education on offer and in particular two things: pupil achievement and personal development. Find out more about why inspections matter.

Ownership and governance

All parents should read and understand the ownership and governance of a school. Whilst the Head is a key figure, she or he is appointed and answerable to the governors and they play a critical role in the long term development and direction of the establishment. Independent education is a considerable financial investment and parents should understand the structure of a school and how it is run.

Our school profiles

For our detailed profiles of schools, we include information about both inspection and ownership, as well as an overview of the school's ethos. We combine this with insight from the school, by asking them just one question: what makes your school different – and why should parents consider it?

Finding out more

If the information about a school makes for interesting reading, you should then visit the school's website. Many have virtual tours which give you further insight. Ultimately, you should attend an in-person Open Day as this enables you and your child to get the feel of a school – to meet key members of staff and decide if you think it will be a good fit for your daughter or son. We include details of forthcoming open events on many of our profiles.

But what is the best school for my child?

There is no such thing as the 'best school' for my child – only the right school. It is vital to remember that it needs to be a good fit on both sides. You cannot mould a child to fit the shape of a school. Happy children thrive and the right fit is the one where your child will feel able to enjoy all the myriad opportunities available – academic, sporting and cultural – and also achieve their best results.

How are schools included?

We have included the majority of schools which are in membership of the leading Heads' associations in the Independent Schools Council. These represent the very best of independent sector education. Schools cannot pay to be included in the Attain Guide. We do permit advertising, enabling schools to promote their Open Days – and are very grateful for their support of Attain – and we allow them to submit photos and video for possible inclusion.

The Attain Guide remains editorially independent and has one clear philosophy which makes us different: facts not opinions.

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