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St Mary's Calne

St Mary's Calne

  • Day
  • Boarding
  • Girls
  • Senior
  • 200 to 400 pupils
  • St Mary's Calne is an independent day and boarding school for girls aged 11 to 18 in Calne, Wiltshire. It is part of a foundation with neighbouring prep school, St Margaret's Prep.

    The school aims to 'develop in young women the academic and moral strength for them to become bold, resourceful, well-balanced individuals who have the capacity to lead and shape our modern world.' The school encourages ambition, 'firmly rooted in an understanding of community and the good of others. Above all, we want the girls to learn how to enjoy life and to make the most of their undoubted potential.'

    Headmistress Dr Felicia Kirk says: 'As Headmistress, I am a passionate advocate for the power of an all girls' education. Girls flourish in an all-girls environment. Having taught in both co-ed and girls’ schools, I know that there is a striking quality to the atmosphere, character, and climate of a girls’ school. The learning community that emerges is characterised by a profound sense of responsibility for learning, a special rapport between and among the teacher and the pupils, a spirit of co-learning, with both the teacher and the pupils feeling free to ask questions, make and learn from mistakes and take risks.'

    Inspection reports

    Inspections provide parents with detailed information from which to assess key aspects of a school. Find out more about why inspections matter.

    The school was last inspected in January 2022. Read the inspection reports on the school's website.

    The school is a registered charity managed by a board of governors. Read more on the Charity Commission website.

    What makes St Mary's Calne different?

    Attain asked the school, what makes St Mary's Calne different – and why should parents consider it?

    St Mary's Calne offers a transformative and empowering education in a relaxed environment where girls love learning and aspire to be their best selves.

    In a successful, happy school such as St Mary's the pupils feel good about themselves. The school is small by design - each girl is known individually and their unique talents and gifts are spotted and nourished.

    The school provides an enriching, personalised curriculum and inspirational teaching, so the students are able to achieve outstanding exam results.

    The students' school experience is enhanced by superb facilities as well as trips, outings and over 70 co-curricular clubs.

    The informal 'motto' at St Mary's Calne, which has been adopted by the pupils, is 'Calne Girls Can' and this perfectly reflects the character of a 'Calne Girl' – determined, resilient and prepared to give everything a go!

    We encourage prospective parents to visit the school with their daughters, so they can see first-hand all that St Mary's Calne has to offer.

    Contact Details

    63 Curzon Street, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 0DF

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