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Dauntsey's School

Dauntsey's School

  • Day
  • Boarding
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Senior
  • 700 to 1,000 pupils
  • Dauntsey's School is an independent boarding school for boys and girls aged 11 to 18 near Devizes in Wiltshire. It was founded in 1542 and has grown into a thriving, modern co-educational school with more than 800 pupils.

    Head Master Mark Lascelles says: 'I believe that people, not buildings or facilities, are what make a good school great and I am proud to lead an exceptional team of teachers here at Dauntsey’s, who pass on their enthusiasm and love of their subject to pupils.'

    'However, there is more to Dauntsey’s – an energy, spirit, warmth and sense of community that is immediately palpable. Of course, academic work is at the heart of what we do. We also enjoy our glorious surroundings and all the facilities you’d expect. And we certainly offer an exceptional range of opportunities beyond the classroom, from sports and adventure to outstanding drama and music, clubs and academic societies.'

    Inspection reports

    Inspections provide parents with detailed information from which to assess key aspects of a school. Find out more about why inspections matter.

    The school was last inspected in September 2018. Read the inspection reports on the school's website.

    The school is a registered charity managed by a board of governors. Read more on the Charity Commission website.

    What makes Dauntsey's different?

    Attain asked the school, what makes Dauntsey's different – and why should parents consider it?

    At Dauntsey's, our ultimate priority is the happiness and fulfilment of everyone in our community. We want the pupils to do better here than they would anywhere else and, in our experience, when pupils are happy, success follows. We aim to be a school where everyone can be themselves, where friendship and kindness really matter and where pupils make the most of their talents and abilities.

    Central to this ambition is our approach to adventure. Adventure at Dauntsey's is not simply an event but something that teaches invaluable life skills and changes attitudes and behaviour for the better. This spirit of adventure reaches into the classroom where inspirational teaching stretches and nurtures each individual pupil's learning.

    We live in a fast-changing world and school must equip young adults with the resilience, intellectual curiosity and flexible thinking needed to thrive in life beyond the school gates, in the widest range of career paths.

    Mark Lascelles, Head Master

    Contact Details

    West Lavington, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 4HE
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    Dauntsey's School Open Day

    The next Open Morning at Dauntsey's will be held on the 13th May, with the Autumn Open Morning taking place on the 7th October. The aim is to give prospective parents the opportunity to tour the school, meet staff and hear from the Head Master. Find out more about Open Days at Dauntsey's School.

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