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Westbourne House School

All that I am, everything I can be

Westbourne House School is a co-educational, boarding and day Prep, Pre-Prep and Nursery school for children aged two-and-a-half to thirteen.

At Westbourne House, we uncover the magic in each child and ensure they make the most of the world of experiences offered to them here. We develop lifelong learners, cultivate curiosity and reward initiative. Most importantly, we do this within a kind, caring and happy environment.

Westbourne House School has an outstanding reputation for all-round excellence and over 100 scholarships in the last five years - in a variety of disciplines to top-tier secondary schools - bear testament to that.  However, this isn’t how we measure achievements here: we see success as achieving personal bests and being the best that YOU can be. Children often exceed their expectations.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate report (2015) found the quality of the pupils' achievements, personal development and school leadership to be 'excellent'. 

About the school

‘This big, thriving, community-spirited school sits in 100 acres of parkland just outside Chichester’ - Tatler Schools Guide 2018

Since 1907, we’ve been learning from each child. As our experiences, pedagogical expertise, and sensibilities have continued to build, so has our ability to discover and shape the character, personality, dreams, potential – in fact, magic - of each child.

Celebrating Individuality
We tailor our approach to the needs of each child, flexibly uncovering and nurturing their uniqueness.
Thanks to small class sizes, our teachers know every child extremely well and work with them to discover and support their strengths, gifts, talents and passions. By celebrating what is special about each child, we embrace their individuality whether this may be mathematical reasoning, kindness and humility, sense of humour, musical talent or determination.

Backing up this approach, our definition of success centres on the individual. Of course we celebrate significant achievements but we equally celebrate personal bests; any moment where a child has risen to the challenge. The key message is to be the best that YOU can be.

A World of Experiences
Our inclusive approach and broad curriculum ensures all children participate in a rich variety of activities. Children experience the likes of drama, textiles, food technology, ceramics, art, music and a wide variety of sports.
Encouraging children to try things is a key part of our ethos and the way we enable children to discover what makes them tick. More than that, it prevents children from deciding ‘I can’t’ too early and allows for passions and talents to develop.

Each experience develops pupils’ confidence and empowers them to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and acquire the Westbourne House ‘can do’ attitude.

Focus on Growth
Throughout our history, the school’s focus has gone beyond that of academic achievement – to the growth of the whole child. These principles hold strong today and include inspiring young minds so that they develop a keen love of learning, helping to develop children with resilience, confidence and ambition, and most importantly with kindness and consideration for others.

There are many threads throughout the school that weave together to create this special Westbourne House experience including the Westbourne Way, the leadership programme, our exceptional teachers, the Westbourne Awards, Learning4Life and our robust pastoral care system.

The Westbourne Way is our moral compass and guides children to be kind, honest and truthful, to be respectful, and to help others to be the best they can be.

Exceptional teaching by specialist staff creates contagious enthusiasm for subjects and their experience enables them to empower children to think for themselves, ask questions and gain deep understanding. Their experience equally enables them to support children who need it, and to challenge those who are ready.

Our leadership programme and the plethora of opportunities to perform in front of others develops children’s self-confidence, their ability to listen to and work with others.

"Exceptional creative talents are evident in many areas…especially in art, music and drama." - ISI Report


Key Facts

  • Boys' Boarding: 29 (7 to 13)
  • Girls' Boarding: 23 (7 to 13)
  • Total Pupils: 362
  • Day Fees: £3350 to £6115/term

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Scholarships, Bursaries & Fees

We are keen to open up the unique educational experience at Westbourne House. We offer a number of awards and scholarships, as well as means-tested bursaries to help with fees.

Please visit www.westbournehouse.org/admissions/scholarships-bursaries for application deadlines (usually in February each year).

Sharman Academic Scholarship
The Sharman Academic Scholarship is open to all children entering Year 3 (7+) at Westbourne House. Candidates are expected to demonstrate high academic potential and intellectual curiosity. Awards will initially be offered for Years 3-6, but may be continued on merit to Year 8. Up to three scholarships are awarded, each with a value of up to 15% of the fees.

The Maurice Ellis Music Scholarship
Music is a central feature of Westbourne House life. Facilities are excellent, with a purpose built music school and a theatre complex. Our director of music and his team direct the numerous choirs, ensembles, bands and orchestras, as well as managing an extensive individual tuition programme. A number of music scholarships are available to children entering Years 3 and 4. Awards are made up to 20% of the school fees, in addition to free musical tuition.

Contact admissions@westbournehouse.org to register your interest.

In addition to the above awards, we would always be interested to hear from the parents of children with strong talents in academics, music or sport. An award may be made for one discipline, or a child who has strong all round abilities may be considered. All award recipients must be of good academic ability, or show strong potential.

Awards may be made for children going into any of Years 4-7, subject to space being available. All awards will be means-tested, and so the fees set will be entirely dependent on the family’s ability to pay. Awards may be up to 100% of the fees, subject to an independent assessment, which will take account of income and assets.

All children will sit an academic assessment in English, Maths and cognitive areas, as well as their area of specialism. Assessments will take place in the Easter term and summer term, although parents should contact us at any time in order to register their interest.

The number of awards made will not be fixed and is at the discretion of the school.

Fees Information

For detailed information about Westbourne House's fees, please visit http://www.westbournehouse.org/admissions/fees

Latest News

Admissions Process

Once you have got to know the school and decided that it might be right for your children and family, we will provide you with all the information you need to make a formal application.

You can register your child for a place at Westbourne House School at any time. Most parents choose to register early to secure a place. If you would like to register, please contact Aline Pilcher on 01243 782 739 or admissions@westbournehouse.org. We will send you a form and ask you to return it with a £50 deposit and a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

Completion of the Acceptance Form is the formal agreement that signifies your child will be joining Westbourne House. On receipt of the Registration Form, we will send you an Acceptance Form. This form should be completed and returned with a deposit of £500 (when your child leaves the school, the deposit is returned).

Getting Ready to Join Us
We want children to arrive at school on their first day full of excitement and with a big smile. All new children come and spend a little time in their current year group in June, a few months short of their start date. The amount of time will vary from just a few hours if you are going to the Nursery, up to a full day at the Prep School. This gives children a chance to meet classmates and teachers and to get a feel for the school.

We want you to feel at home before your child starts, too. In August, just before your child joins us, we will give you access to the secure area of our website, which opens up a wealth of practical information. The office is also open throughout the summer holidays and our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

The vast majority of uniform, new and second-hand, can be bought on site and the shops are open during term-time and, on a reduced timetable, during the holidays.

Before your child starts at Westbourne House, you will also receive a year group address list, which gives contact details of all the other families in your child’s year group, so you can see who lives close-by and set up play dates and car sharing if you wish. Plus your child’s class representative (a volunteer parent) will give you a call to say hello and welcome you to our parent community.

Finding out more

Shopwyke, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2BH
01243 782739
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Key Facts

  • Boys' Boarding: 29 (7 to 13)
  • Girls' Boarding: 23 (7 to 13)
  • Total Pupils: 362
  • Day Fees: £3350 to £6115/term

Open Days

No Forthcoming Events