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Thorpe House School is an independent day school for boys in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. We are a truly unique school as we offer a bespoke learning journey for boys from 3 years old when they join our Thorpe Explorers' Nursery through to 16 when they complete their GCSE examinations. We pride ourselves on our nurturing environment providing our boys with the support, care and learning experiences they require to reach their academic, sporting and creative potential. Thorpe House is much more than a school; it is a home from home where boys feel confident, valued and empowered to achieve beyond their potential.

About the school

We operate over three sites along Oval Way in Gerrards Cross - Pre-Prep (including Thorpe Explorers' Nursery), Prep and Seniors – and because of this we are able to focus on each individual stage of our pupils' education.


Thorpe Explorers combines the flexibility of wrap-a-round care with fun, engaging sessions that lay the foundations for a lifetime of learning. Morning ‘school ready’ sessions focus on academic preparation for starting school the following September and for this reason, boys can join us in the September following their 3rd birthday.

The nursery day is carefully constructed so that every Explorer has a full and well-paced day, with quiet time to ponder and reflect. Our ‘school ready’ morning sessions provide a strong academic foundation with preparation in number work, phonics, reading, handwriting, music, art / design technology, science and French, amidst free-flow, child-initiated learning opportunities. In the afternoon, Explorers enjoy twice weekly swimming lessons in the school pool; weekly music lessons with a specialist teacher; weekly French lessons with a specialist teacher; weekly cookery sessions in the Pre-Prep Food Room; and twice weekly Forest School sessions in the adjacent Austenwood Common.

The transition from nursery to reception can often be a big step which is why in addition to our ‘school ready ’ mornings, nursery and reception boys will regularly benefit from interacting with one another through free-flow activity. This will provide them with a smooth transition, as they will already be familiar with their surroundings, making moving to ‘big school’ much less challenging.


The Pre-Prep is a vibrant, inclusive and very happy school, where small classes ensure a high level of care and attention to every boy, and where boys are encouraged to embrace the values of friendship and respect, alongside perseverance and a love of learning.  We are dedicated to individual learning and guide the boys in becoming confident, capable and polite individuals, willing to take a risk and discover more about themselves in the process.  

Our classes are small with no more than 16 boys and teaching styles vary to create a positive and enabling learning environment.   Standards are high and boys are encouraged to be independent in their learning and ask questions about the topics they cover, though support and guidance is always available should a boy need it.  Music is part of daily life at Pre-Prep and is taught by a dedicated peripatetic teacher who knows how to encourage even the most reluctant musician: the boys love the opportunity to showcase their work in year group assemblies, school performances and end of term concerts.


The Prep Department is a warm, friendly, family-like community where each boy is known by his teachers and taught in classes of no more than 16 boys.  Due to these small class sizes, our teachers have the time, energy and experience to look after the individual needs of each and every boy, to enable him to feel safe and valued and therefore to blossom both academically and emotionally. As a school educating boys, we recognise the importance of delivering a learning experience tailored to the way boys learn, so we are constantly looking for contextual, kinaesthetic and visual learning opportunities to engage the boys and get them excited about learning. 

Although warm and friendly, we maintain high standards of discipline and pride ourselves in producing boys who are caring, tolerant and respectful as well as encouraging a love and curiosity for learning.


The Senior School opened in 2006 in response to the overwhelming demand from parents who were looking for continuity in their son’s education and a high quality alternative to the schools that were available at the time. Since its inception, the school has gone from strength to strength and is now oversubscribed year on year. Our aim is simple – to provide excellent teaching in a small school environment, where each boy is known by all of his teachers and is treated as an individual. Using our clear understanding of each pupil and how each of them learns, we develop the specific skills and strengths of our boys so that by the time they leave us, they are equipped to face the challenges of a new school and higher education.

The majority of boys stay with us to take their GCSEs at the age of 16, with two thirds of GCSE grades obtained typically being A*, A or B. This provides our boys with the opportunity to move onto a variety of different local schools to take their A Levels.

Key Facts

  • Total Pupils: 320

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Scholarships, Bursaries & Fees


The school offers one bursary place for each year group up to a value of 100% reduction in fees. Once awarded and subject to annual reassessment of his parents’ financial situation, the recipient will retain the bursary until he leaves the school.

Bursaries are awarded when a boy enters Year 3, but may be offered if a place becomes available in another year group. Bursary places are awarded to boys who can meet the standard entrance requirements as detailed in our admissions policy and whose parents can show through a means test that they are not in the position to pay full fees.

All applicants for bursary places are invited to a standard academic assessment; they are also interviewed about their wider interests and skills beyond the academic areas tested. Having met the standard for entry, applicants are ranked in order of those we feel will offer most to the school and the bursary is offered to the boy at the top of that list.

If a candidate is not eligible for the full 100% reduction in fees and the year group isn’t full, the candidate ranked second would be offered a place with a reduction equal to the residue of the 100%. The bursary assessments are held at end of January in the year in which the bursary would start.


For outstanding pupils, we offer a variety of scholarships; the Prep scholarship assessment takes place in October and the Senior scholarship assessment at the end of the January preceding entry to the school.

Prep scholarships
This is a 50% academic scholarship awarded at Year 3 and subject to continued satisfactory effort and standard of work will be retained until the end of Year 6. Assessment is made through sitting a verbal reasoning test, a maths paper, an English paper and a reading age test. The syllabus for the subject papers is the Key Stage 1 syllabus and to gain a full 50% scholarship a candidate would be expected to gain A grades on the written papers and standardised scores in excess of 130 in verbal reasoning and reading.

Senior scholarships
Two scholarships are available at the start of Year 7 open to boys moving up from Year 6 and to those joining the school from other primary schools. Subject to continued satisfactory effort and standard of work, the scholarships will be retained until the end of Year 11.

The first is a 50% academic scholarship awarded to a pupil who has the potential to gain at least six A* passes at GCSE. Assessment is made through a reasoning test, a maths paper, an English paper and a science paper. The syllabus for the subject papers is the Key Stage 2 syllabus.

The second scholarship is either an art, music or sports scholarship worth 50% and is awarded to the pupil who shows the most outstanding flair in one of these three subjects:

To qualify for an art scholarship the candidate must show a portfolio demonstrating his artistic work in at least four different media; he will also be expected to complete a pencil drawing of a chosen topic on the assessment day.

To qualify for a music scholarship the candidate must reached a minimum standard of Grade 4 on his main instrument or voice and at least Grade 1 on a second instrument or voice. He will also be asked to perform one prepared piece on each of his instruments, and complete some sight reading on his major instrument.

To qualify for a sport scholarship the candidate should have attended county trials in his major sport or be able to show evidence of a high level of achievement in a county or national competition. He should also show evidence of having regularly been involved in two different sports at a competitive level. During the assessment he will be expected to demonstrate evidence of his skills in his major sport and also his fitness levels through a series of circuits. Finally, he will be asked to provide a reference from a current teacher or coach.

Art, music and sport candidates must sit the same tests as the academic scholarship candidates, but they are not expected to reach the same level of achievement on those papers. However a scholarship will not be awarded to a boy who scores less than 60% in the verbal reasoning test.

Scholarship conditions
In the event of a candidate not quite meeting the standards we are looking for, we will often award scholarships worth less than the full 50%. In those circumstances, we may offer a second scholarship to another candidate so that the total award for the year group is 50%. We will award scholarships to boys entering Year 9 if the scholarships in that year group are not already held by other boys but we do not do this in any other year groups.

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Admissions Process

Entry points for Thorpe House are generally at ages 3, 4, 7, 11 and at every entry point places are allocated according to position on the waiting list subject to passing an entry assessment.

The waiting list is in order of registrations received so we strongly recommended parents return a registration form (with £100 fee) at the earliest opportunity should they wish their son to be considered for entry, as many year group lists fill up more than two years before entry.

Once a place has been offered, parents confirm acceptance by payment of a deposit of £750. The deposit is released (where applicable) at the beginning of the term following your son’s departure.

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