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Cranleigh School

Cranleigh School

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  • Cranleigh School is an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 7 to 18 in Surrey.
    Cranleigh was founded in 1865 on a site of 280 acres of beautiful Surrey countryside. The school's aim is to provide 'a breathtaking range of opportunities in a school small enough for everyone to know and support each other. Pupils lead busy lives now, exceeding academic and sporting expectations, while preparing for life beyond our beautiful rural location.'

    Headmaster Martin Reader says: 'Our vision for Cranleigh begins with the lives and futures of Cranleighans. We express our vision through the three pillars of Cranleigh Thinking, Cranleigh Being and Cranleigh Giving.'

    'Cranleigh Thinking is thinking beyond the test; Cranleigh Being is about who we are and how we are in the world, putting welfare at the heart; Cranleigh Giving is thinking beyond ourselves. Ultimately those who flourish, serve and lead in the future will be thinking, being, giving people.'

    'I believe Cranleigh is well placed to achieve that purpose within the warmth and inclusiveness of a family atmosphere that comes from a mature co-educational boarding school which is large enough for diverse opportunities and small enough for everyone to be known, supported and encouraged.'

    Inspection reports

    Inspections provide parents with detailed information from which to assess key aspects of a school. Find out more about why inspections matter.

    The school was last inspected in March 2018. Read the inspection reports on the school's website.

    The school is a registered charity managed by a board of governors. Read more on the Charity Commission website.

    What makes Cranleigh School different?

    Attain asked the school, what makes Cranleigh School different – and why should parents consider it?

    Cranleigh is currently enjoying the most successful results in its 156-year history, both academically and across an impressive range of sports, arts and cultural activities. Such broad success is even more remarkable in view of the School's size.

    Boarding at Cranleigh is buoyant with investment in new facilities, such as art studios, a transformed drama and performance space and a state-of-the-art humanities academic block continues. The four girls' houses and four boys' houses are paired, enabling girls and boys to socialise and compete in House challenges and competitions together, further affirming Cranleigh's status as Surrey's most mature co-educational boarding school. It's been fully co-ed for almost 25 years and such experience shows in its successful approach to pastoral care.

    Cranleigh's motto, 'Ex Cultu Robur' (from culture come strength) has been in use since the school was built in 1865. A powerful reminder that education is about so much more than academics. Cranleigh's academic directors are clear that learning should also go beyond the curriculum and so Cranleigh Thinking, its philosophy of learning, is all about teaching beyond the test. The School puts thinking at the heart of its approach to deeper learning because the School believes that it is the ability to think well that will best ensure young people are ready to face the challenges of an unpredictable future.

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    Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8QQ
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    Cranleigh School Open Day

    Cranleigh School offer prospective parents the chance to visit through a regular programme of Welcome Events which are held on a Tuesday afternoon or on a Saturday morning. Welcome Events at Cranleigh are held throughout the year. Find out more about Open Days at Cranleigh School.

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