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Prior Park College is one of the UK's largest, co-educational, Catholic, independent senior schools. Set in a breath-taking location overlooking the World Heritage city of Bath, the College has a friendly environment, extraordinary facilities and boundless ambition.

'Confident in its Catholic values, happy in its own skin and distinctive in its commitment to a genuinely all-round education, this is a school which inspires esteem and affection in equal measure.' Good Schools Guide

About the school

I am often asked by prospective families what makes for a good school. My response is that such a school must strive for the highest standards in everything it does – from the manner of all the staff to the work ethic and presentation of the students. Such standards breed a pride in the school and develop within the student an inner discipline and respect that they will take with them throughout life. But this is not the sole indicator of a good school.

A good school must have a clear vision for its students in terms of what is important now and what the school aspires to be in the future. A vision enables every student to share in the life of the school and to support the Head and the staff in achieving higher goals. A good school is never complacent, our ambition for the College continues to evolve and we are now in the process of finalising our 2025 Vision for Prior Park Schools.

Along with this vision the school must have a clear ethos which needs to be articulated by everyone involved in the school community and also a set of values which staff and students believe in and hold to be important. Such permanency in this fast and ever changing world gives the students anchors in their lives: Our ethos is to care for our students so that they feel empowered to develop their talents in many different ways. We also want our students to be rooted in the Christian values of consideration, compassion, kindness, service, contribution to others and an openness to God on which they can build their lives and which will be their inspiration in good times and comfort in bad.

Academic results are an important marker for any school and although gaining places at illustrious universities is significant, this  is not our only consideration. Whilst we congratulate those students who achieve the highest grades, we also celebrate those students who, through hard work, guidance and excellent support, accomplish more than they first thought possible.  Our results reflect our school’s passion, commitment and dedication to providing a truly outstanding education that gives our students the very best start in life.

The school’s primary aim is to provide a rounded education for each of our students and whilst academic endeavour remains at the school’s core, we also hope that our students contribute to the life of the College beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to embrace all the opportunities on offer. Prior Park pupils act and sing in first class performances; compete for their team; produce impressive pieces of art and design; partake in House events and lead our Charities work, making a significant difference to many less fortunate people. With such tutelage, I am confident that our leavers go into the world and make a positive imprint on their friends, families and all those they encounter.

James Murphy-O'Connor (MA Oxon)
Headmaster, Prior Park College
Principal, Prior Park Schools

Key Facts

  • Boys' Boarding: 82 (11 to 18)
  • Girls' Boarding: 61 (11 to 18)
  • Total Pupils: 599 (200 in Sixth Form)
  • Day Fees: £4805 to £5305/term
  • Boarding Fees: £9815/term

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Scholarships, Bursaries & Fees

The Governors of the Prior Park Educational Trust are committed to broadening access to its schools by offering to eligible parents or guardians means-tested financial support with payment of school fees.

A range of scholarships including, Academic, Art, Drama, Music, All-Rounder Scholarships, as well as Sporting Excellence Awards are available. The Scholarship brochure indicating the benefits of being awarded a scholarship can be obtained from the Registrar.

Bursaries are awarded according to the Prior Park Schools’ Means Tested Bursary Policy in response to parental need, either to relieve difficulty in the family of an existing pupil, or to enable entry to Prior Park by pupils whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees. A Bursary Application Form is required from the parent(s) as a statement of the family’s financial position. Our Finance and Business Director will be delighted to discuss individual applications.


Fees Information

The College fee includes full lunch and supervised prep for day pupils. The Boarding and Weekly Boarding fee includes all accommodation costs and tuition fees excluding those outlined in the College Fees document. Every effort is made to keep 'extras' to a minimum. The International Boarding fee is applicable to all boarders that are not UK residents.

Our Fee Schedule is updated annually and can be downloaded from our website

Latest News

Admissions Process

Here is a summary of our Admissions Process:

Please contact the College to make an initial enquiry, phone +44 (0)1225 831000 or email
A follow up visit on one of our Open events and/or visit on a normal working day is recommended. An interview with the Registrar and the Headmaster will be arranged.
Applications should be made by completing the Registration Form and returning it with the non-refundable registration fee, before the deadline date.
Entrance/scholarship examinations are taken and school reports received.
The Headmaster makes a decision and the offer of a place will be communicated to parents.
Parents are asked to return an Acceptance Form and the deposit.. The offer of a place cannot be guaranteed beyond the deadline date of acceptance of offers.


Admissions Policy
Our aim is to admit pupils with academic and other qualities such that the child would gain the maximum benefit from the opportunities available at Prior Park College, whilst maintaining a balance between day and boarding pupils, boys and girls. In the event of there being more applications than places available, places will be offered in accordance with the following criteria the weighting of these criteria may vary:

  • academic ability and school report or an informal teaching assessment
  • extra-curricular interests and other talents
  • whether the family are Roman Catholics or other Christians
    siblings* at Prior Park College or other schools within Prior Park Schools
  • previous attendance at Prior Park Prep School or The Paragon (for College entry)
  • class size and size of the school roll
  • other factors
    * A child is a sibling if they are a full or half-brother or sister, they are an adoptive brother or sister if they are children of the same household.

We aim to make the admission process informative and as transparent as possible.

Finding out more

Ralph Allen Drive, Combe Down, Bath, BA2 5AH
01225 835353
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Key Facts

  • Boys' Boarding: 82 (11 to 18)
  • Girls' Boarding: 61 (11 to 18)
  • Total Pupils: 599 (200 in Sixth Form)
  • Day Fees: £4805 to £5305/term
  • Boarding Fees: £9815/term

Open Days

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