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Shiplake College

Shiplake College

  • Day
  • Boarding
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Senior
  • 400 to 700 pupils
  • Shiplake College is an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 11 to 18 located near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

    Shiplake is a selective school but welcomes a broad range of academic abilities.

    Headmaster Tyrone Howe says: 'What is far more important is the sort of person you are. And what excites us is the sort of person you can become.'

    'A broad curriculum offers opportunities for all, while outstanding facilities provide an abundance of co-curricular activities – Shiplake provides a truly holistic education. Above all, rigour lies at the heart of everything we do and our focus is on adding value to every single pupil. Our fuel is ambition and aspiration, and the commitment to always seek improvement. This is a school in which the little things matter and from which great things can be achieved. It’s cool to care and try hard.'

    Inspection reports

    Inspections provide parents with detailed information from which to assess key aspects of a school. Find out more about why inspections matter.

    The school was last inspected in May 2022. Read the inspection reports on the school's website.

    The school is a registered charity managed by a board of governors. Read more on the Charity Commission website.

    What makes Shiplake different?

    Attain asked the school, what makes Shiplake different – and why should parents consider it?

    Everything we do at Shiplake we try to base on our three core values, known as the Three i's - Inclusive, Individual, Inspirational.

    We're inclusive! A school of just over 500 pupils with boys from Year 7 to 13, girls in the sixth form and soon to have girls in Year 7 from 2023. Everyone matters, we're a community and, above all, we are kind to each other. There are countless opportunities for all to opt in, be involved and try new things.

    Individual. We recognise and respect that you're all different and thank goodness for that. This is a personal best school and whatever your academic prowess, artistic flair, or sporting ability, we aim to get the very best out of every single pupil. With small class sizes and such an array of sports and co-curricular activities it gives us a really good chance of achieving this.

    And finally, inspirational. We have amazing teachers, whose mission is to inspire young people. We have an amazing setting along with superb facilities. And most importantly, pupils inspire each other. We want to instil in our young people a strong and true sense of ambition and aspiration.

    Contact Details

    Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 4BW

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