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UCS Hampstead signs The Camden School Climate Charter

The UCS Foundation committed itself to sustainability by signing The Camden School Climate Charter last term. As a signatory, this marks a moment in the School’s ongoing and accelerating commitment to sustainability.

UCS Hampstead signs The Camden School Climate Charter
Green Impact in the UCS Allotment (Photo: UCS Hampstead)

Last term, UCS Hampstead signed the Camden School Climate Charter.

This marks a moment in the School’s ongoing and accelerating commitment to sustainability.

As a signatory of this important charter, UCS is now a member of Camden Climate Change Alliance and committed to the ten stated commitments of the Charter.

Excitingly, these include embedding sustainability across the curriculum, planning activities for the school community that positively engage them in discussions about climate change and educating pupils on issues like waste, single use plastics, food, transport and energy.

UCS Foundation Environmental Impact Coordinator James Firth has been leading the Foundation’s endeavours concerning sustainability.

He said: "Being aware of our environmental impact and embedding sustainability into decision making is vital to ensure that UCS does its part in reducing emissions.

"It is also important that the pupils are empowered to be able to push sustainability action forward."

Much exciting work is already underway across the Foundation to address the commitments in the Charter.

In the UCS Pre-Prep, pupils can join Eco Warriors groups who are working hard in the biodiversity allotment area and work towards their ‘Planet Protector Badge’.

The Junior Branch have developed a long term initiative known as The Independent Travel Scheme which encourages competition amongst pupils to travel to school by a sustainable form of transport throughout the year.

Since 2018, it has halved the number of pupils being driven into school.

In the Senior School, around 80 pupils are part of the Green Impact Society with weekly meetings taking place for each year group to plan ways for the Senior School to promote sustainability.

Moving forward, the whole UCS Foundation is excited about its next steps towards sustainability, including capturing its carbon footprint and sharing its strategy for being carbon neutral by 2030.

Headmaster of the UCS Foundation, Mark Beard, said: "Signing the Camden School Climate Charter is an important milestone in acting to tackle the climate crisis, and follows on from UCS being shortlisted for the Sustainable School Award in the 2021 Sustainable City Awards.

I am especially proud of the work of pupils across the 4-18 age range to lead in sustainability and environmental initiatives.

"It is an issue that has sparked particular passion and enthusiasm amongst UCS pupils and we are pleased to be a signatory on the Charter."

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