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Churcher's pupils help with new nature reserve

Churcher's College pupils have been working with the local community to create a path for walkers at a new nature reserve in Petersfield.

Churcher's pupils help with new nature reserve
Path Building Team (Photo: Churcher's College)

Churcher’s College Third Year pupils and Lower Sixth students have risen to the challenge of creating a footpath on the site of a new nature reserve, benefitting both the local community and the wider environment.

At Merritt’s Meadow, next to Petersfield cemetery and less than 500 meters from Churcher’s College, a nature reserve has been created.

On the recommendation of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Churcher’s College pupils have, together with local volunteers led by David Burstall, established a new footpath going down one side of the reserve next to a small brook; this will eventually replace a dog walker path which currently runs down the middle of the reserve.

The project is set to last two years and, eventually, a 182 yard path will cover the length of the reserve.

The current 107 yard section of the path was opened by Mayor Peter Klist who addressed and thanked pupils, the Resident Association and local volunteers.

It is hoped this little reserve will give the local wildlife, as well as general fauna some much needed room to breathe.

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