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Christmas Sparkle at Stroud School

Stroud School in Romsey has managed to keep the Christmas Spirit alive by holding live performances of both the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Nativities to families.

Christmas Sparkle at Stroud School
Photo: Stroud School

The children at Stroud School have been rehearsing very hard for their Christmas Nativity performance and were very excited to act in front of their families.

The Early Years children gave a wonderful performance entitled ‘Come to the Manger’, whilst Key Stage 1 opted for telling the traditional story.

Both Nativities were also filmed and will be available for family members who could not make the live event.

Photo: Stroud School

Mrs Fay, Director of Music at Stroud says: "We thoroughly enjoyed performing these Nativities.

"A lot of hard work, planning and rehearsals went into these productions and we are so pleased that parents, wearing face masks of course, did not need to miss out after all."

Stroud School has also celebrated the festive season by decorating Christmas trees, hanging wreaths and enjoying Christmas parties, as well as enjoying a Carol Service at Romsey Abbey for Middle and Senior School children along with their families.

A festive end to a busy and fun-filled Autumn Term.

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