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Attain's News Policy

We are interested in news stories which are aligned to our audience and are objective, rigorous and interesting. Above all, we want to celebrate news stories which are different and shine a light on areas which are often overlooked.

We are delighted to receive news stories from all independent schools which are of interest to prospective parents.

Examples of topics which we can consider for publication include:

· Individual or group success in a national competition

· Winning an event at a regional level in sport, the arts or other areas of school life

· Charity fundraising at a national level or with an unusual angle

· Notable visitors or speakers

· Appointment of Heads

· Quirky, unusual or different stories which capture the imagination

Our focus at Attain is national and we can only take news stories which cover all the criteria to be news, as highlighted through this blog post covering the 'key ingredients of news' and written by Attain's Editor:

Being authentic
For a news story to be brilliant, it needs to have certain ingredients. But what does it need? Attain’s Editor, Matthew Smith, has put together a checklist to help, conveniently linked against a memorable word... authentic.

Above all, we want to celebrate news stories which are different. As Attain's Editor wrote in another blog post:

When you watch the evening news, which stories do you remember? After the main headlines, it is usually the 'and finally' package at the end. These tend to be heartwarming stories which shine a light on something overlooked; they provide inspiration and are uplifting. In trying too hard, the best stories can end-up being missed. What better source of inspirational stories is there than a school community, full of children striving to achieve their best? This is where to find the news.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email to discuss any potential news story: