Francis Holland School (Sloane Square)

South West London
Girls (4 - 18)
Francis Holland School (Sloane Square)

Francis Holland School is a leading London independent day school for girls aged 4-18.

About the school

This is an exciting time to be growing up – exciting and challenging. There are unique opportunities for young people moving into the workplace today, but also unprecedented difficulties and demands.

What a privilege, then, to be involved in the care and education of children, particularly of young women, at this time of seismic change in our schools and in our economy. I am delighted to lead a school which sits at the pulsing heart of the capital, which offers girls an outstanding experience of learning and culture, and which prepares them to grasp the helm of leadership, innovation and progress in our country and beyond. For it is clear to me that simply teaching children to pass exams is not only inadequate, it is dishonest. Academic cleverness alone will not provide the springboard for success in this competitive and evolving world, though we should encourage pupils to seek the highest standards of achievement in all areas of the curriculum. But we must also develop in our children skills of creativity, flexibility, lateral thinking and enterprise; we must foster intuition and resilience; we must nurture empathy and courage. 

Francis Holland School is renowned for this approach, and we seek to develop these qualities in our girls at a time when materialism and cynicism seek their own selfish ends. We look forward to welcoming you here at one of our Open Mornings so that I can show you myself just what makes this School so very special.

Lucy Elphinstone, Headmistress

Key Facts

  • Total Pupils: 600 (90 in Sixth Form)
  • Day Fees: £6500 to £7200/term

Open Days

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Scholarships, Bursaries & Fees

Francis Holland award scholarships in recognition of excellent achievement in particular disciplines and we aim to provide opportunities for enrichment to those who hold such awards, in addition to the fee discount referred to below.


Year 7: 11+ Academic Scholarships are available to the value of 5% of fees.

Sixth Form: 16+ Academic Scholarships (internal and external) are available up to the value of 25% of fees.


Year 7: 11+ Music Scholarships are available to the value of 5% of fees.

Sixth Form: 16+ Music Scholarships are available up to the value of 25% of fees.


Year 7: 11+ Art Scholarships are available to the value of 5% of fees.

Sixth Form: 16+ Art Scholarships are available up to the value of 25% of fees.


Year 7: 11+ Sports Scholarships are available up to the value of 25% of fees. 


Year 7: One 11+ Ballet Scholarship is available up to the value of £2,000. 

If you require any further details please contact the Registrar on 020 7535 2777 or at

Francis Holland is committed to providing a service to the local and wider community. Bursary awards are typically offered at Year 7 and on entry to the Sixth Form and are reviewed annually. In particular, one of the Trust’s key objectives is to offer a top class education to children who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Our provision of bursary awards has always been a priority to the Trust and over the years we are delighted that so many girls have been able to benefit from a Francis Holland education, despite their financial circumstances. Our decisions about the award of bursaries take account of a number of factors, including:

  • The ability of the girl and her fit with the school
  • The overall financial circumstances of the fee payers, both income and assets
  • The family circumstances of the applicant
  • The financial position of the Trust

Remission on a third of the fees is available to places offered to daughters of the clergy.

Francis Holland is also part of the Fee Assistance at London Independent Schools programme, along with a number of other independent schools, full details can be found at

For further information and help with individual queries please do not hesitate to contact The Bursar on 020 7730 8359 (from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily) or email

Fees Information

Registration Fee - UK Residents £150/Overseas Residents £200

Fee Deposit - £2,600 (£2500 returned on final school bill and a deduction of the Quondam Life Subscription (£100))

School Fees Per Term (inclusive of books, lunch and Personal Accident Insurance) - Year 1 to 4 (plus Reception) £6,500 and Year 5 to 13 £7,200

Latest News

Admissions Process

Admissions 4+

The main entry point to our Junior School is at 4+. Occasional places may occur at other stages in the Junior School and we recommend that you check availability with the Registrar.

We suggest you contact the Registrar when your daughter is approaching two years of age. We highly recommend that you come to one of our Open Afternoons when you will have a chance to see the school and meet the Head of the Junior School and other staff as well as current pupils. After your visit, and should you decide to register your daughter, your daughter will be asked to attend an assessment at school in the January or February preceding her proposed year of entry. Shortly after your daughter has been tested, we will tell you whether or not we are able to offer her a place. 

Admissions 11+

For 11+ entry, we suggest that you contact the Registrar when your daughter is in Year 5 or early in the Autumn Term of Year 6 and book a place on one of our Open Mornings

Admissions 16+

For 16+ entry please contact the school office to arrange a visit to the school and to meet the Head of Sixth Form.

Please contact the Registrar, Mrs Fiona Holland on 020 7824 5005 or

Finding out more

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020 7730 2971
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Key Facts

Open Days

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