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Brighton College

Brighton College

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  • Brighton College is an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 located in the heart of Brighton.
    The school puts a particular emphasis on the importance of kindness and aims to 'celebrate the uniqueness of every individual, whether that person be shy or confident, sporty, scholarly or both.' The school aims to instil a love of learning through inspirational teachers offering 'passion, commitment and kindness'.

    Head Master Richard Cairns says: 'If you were to ask current parents why they chose Brighton College for their son or daughter, they would tell you the children here are cheerful, balanced, at ease with themselves and each other – yet excited and enthused by the challenges before them. They might add that the College succeeds in combining academic excellence with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities, all underpinned by a deep commitment to the individual needs and enthusiasms of each child.'

    'As Head Master, I believe passionately in the importance of the individual. Every child at Brighton College is valued for his or her own sake, and is encouraged to develop his or her talents to the full in a community where there are no stereotypes and where every achievement, however small, is noticed.'

    Inspection reports

    Inspections provide parents with detailed information from which to assess key aspects of a school. Find out more about why inspections matter.

    The school was last inspected in November 2021. Read the inspection reports on the school's website.

    The school is a registered charity managed by a board of governors. Read more on the Charity Commission website.

    What makes Brighton College different?

    Attain asked the school, what makes Brighton College different – and why should parents consider it?

    Brighton College is one of the country's leading independent schools for girls and boys aged 3-18.

    The College regularly achieves the best A-level and GCSE results of any co-educational school, whilst ensuring children enjoy a wealth of extracurricular opportunities.

    Renowned for its focus on kindness, the school also excels in art, music, dance, drama and sport, and is proud to ensure every child is valued for who they are.

    The ethos of Brighton College is to turn out well educated, kind and intellectually curious young adults who are ready to take a full, active and positive role in the world. The school achieves this through emphasising three key values – a love of learning for its own sake, innovation and kindness.

    What makes Brighton unique is how these values are reinforced across all walks of school life. Values are not just taught – pupils are guided in what it means to live by them.

    From encouraging pupils to start their own societies to making community work part of the curriculum, Brighton merges academic excellence with a deep sense of community and social responsibility.

    Contact Details

    Eastern Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 0AL
    Brighton College Logo

    Brighton College Open Day

    The next Open Morning at Brighton College will be on Saturday 30th September (for 11+ to 16+) and on Saturday 7th October (for 3+ to 10+). Open Mornings are the ideal way to see what Brighton College can offer, explore the College campus and hear from the Head Master. Find out more about Open Days at Brighton College.

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