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Private schools in Leicestershire

Find and explore private pre-prep, prep and senior schools in Leicestershire around Loughborough and Leicester.

Private schools in Leicestershire

Leicestershire has a number of notable independent schools, offering parents a good choice of options both in Loughborough and Leicester. In the city of Leicester, there is Leicester Grammar School – offering a coeducational choice – or Leicester High School, for parents seeking a girls-only option.

In Loughborough, parents have a full choice of options with the Loughborough Schools Foundation which offers a family of schools for boys and girls from 6 weeks through to 18 years, with the coed Loughborough Amherst, the girls-only Loughborough High and the boys-only Loughborough Grammar School which also offers boarding.

Another boarding option is Ratcliffe College which is coed from 3 through to 18 years.

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